Father and daughter kill neighbor who burst children's soccer ball

A father and a daughter have been accused of causing the death of their neighbor after attacking her over a punctured soccer ball.


NSFW    LEICESTER, UK — A father and daughter in England were found guilty on May 3 of killing a neighbor they attacked for slashing a children’s soccer ball.

Leicester resident Kelly Machin, 34, was upset with the noise made by her neighbor Natalie Bollen’s children, who regularly kicking soccer balls into her garden, Leicester Mercury reported.

On August 23 of 2016, she punctured one of the balls with a knife before throwing it back to the Bollen’s kids.

The gesture infuriated Bollen. Later that day, Bollen, 28, went with her father William Gary Jelly, 48, to confront Machin and threaten to “bang her out.”

When Machina opened her door, Bollen punched her in the face three times. Then her father pushed Machin backwards over a coffee table, fracturing five of her ribs.

Machin — whom the prosecution said was alcoholic and therefore “vulnerable” — was treated at a local hospital. But her health deteriorated and she bled to death shortly before she was due to receive an operation.

Machin was found dead on her sofa at home on Sept. 5 by a friend who tried contacting her after failing to hear from from her for days. She had 1.9 litres of blood accumulated around her heart.

On the day of the verdict, Bollen’s father was taken to hospital after fainting in the court-docket earlier in the day. Bollen said she has been suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Both will be sentenced in June.
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