Fat-shamed #Dancingman to party with Pharrell, Moby and 2,000 hot babes

A b-tard at 4Chan thought he was being clever when he posted photos of Dancing Man with body-shaming captions. Now the whole world wants to shake it up with him.


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A British man fat-shamed on the internet by the /b/tards at 4Chan will get a dance party in his honor organized by Los Angeles-based writer Cassandra Fairbanks.

An online campaign to fly the man, who has only been identified as Sean, from the UK to California has already raised more than $35,000 and drawn support from Pharrell and Moby.

Last month, a /b/tard at 4Chan posted to the online forum two photos of the Dancing Man. The first shows Sean dancing like no one is watching. The second shows Sean holding his head down in shame. The accompanying caption said: "Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing."

Fairbanks, a Los Angeles-based writer for The Free Thought Project, spotted the photo and organized an effort over Twitter to identify the body-shamed man.

Sean responded and now the party is on. A GoFundMe page set up for the event says: We found our man and the next step is bringing him to LA for the dance party of a lifetime!"

But no details yet on when that will take place.
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