Fat American who traumatized attendant is flying back to Taipei

Eva Air unfortunately will have to fly the tons of fun who forced a flight attendant to wipe his nasty butt a few weeks ago.


NSFW    TAIPEI — Eva Air is readying itself again for the supersized 'Murican who traumatized a Taiwanese flight attendant by forcing her to wipe his truck-sized behind, according to Taiwan News.

On Jan. 19, the 450-pound plus terror was rolled onto the flight where he forced a female flight attendant to help pull down his drawers and clean his backside while using the toilet.

According to SETN, a flight attendant for the airline said the 450 pound-plus terror has booked a flight foy May 17, when he will squeeze himself onto Eva Air Flight 212 from Bangkok to Taipei, before being shipped back to L.A.
On Jan. 26, Eva Air released records of Tiny's 20 previous flights with the airline which—surprise, surprise—included other similar nasty behavior.
In May of 2018 on an SF flight to Bangkok, the man also asked to use the business class toilet and that he be wiped down. Crew let the man use the john, but said no way to the wiping.
On a flight from Taipei to Bangkok in 2018, tons of fun asked crew members to help him clean out his urine bottle, which they did while wearing gloves of course.
But here's the real mystery, why would a guy—who clearly has a way with people—travel to Bangkok so many times? Must be for the Thai food.
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