Farmer accuses vegan activists of killing piglets while protesting

The protesters were fighting for better living conditions for pigs on the farm.


NSFW    LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND — Animals' rights activists from Meat The Victims decided to raise awareness about veganism by storming a farm in the UK.

As many as 200 protesters decided to stage a protest at Sandiland Farm to protest the brutal conditions for pigs at the farm, Lincolnshire Live reports.

Images on social media show the protesters hugging and cuddling the pigs.

However, Silvia Hook, one of the owners' of the farm, says the mob of protesters frightened the pigs and caused the death of two piglets.

The protestors deny her claim and released a video showing pigs that were already dead when they got to the farm.

The vegan protesters said they are advocating for a vegan lifestyle so that the animals can be free.

Hook told Lincolnshire Live the protesters have "already done a lot of damage," and called them "ridiculous" for calling themselves animals right activists.
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