Far right surge to third place in Germany election

The result means there are now six parties in the Reichstag, Germany's parliament, for the first time in nearly seven decades.


NSFW    BERLIN — German chancellor Angela Merkel has secured her fourth term as Germany's leader, despite massive gains by the country's far-right.

According to the BBC, Angela Merkel's CDU-CSU coalition won with 33 percent of the vote, while the social democrats took around 20 percent and the far right AfD secured 13 percent.

The result will likely see a governing coalition between Merkel's conservatives and the fourth place Free Democrats, reported the BBC.

The election saw the heavily anti-migrant Alternative for Germany, or AfD, take third place in the vote. They want to close Europe's borders, install identity checks in Germany and ban minarets. The party also believes Germany isn't compatible with Islam.
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