Family's beloved pet bulldog drowns in pet resort pool

A family brought their bulldog to a pet resort, two hours later, it was found dead in the resort’s pool.


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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — What was supposed to be a fun Father’s Day weekend took a sad turn when an Arizona family was told that their beloved bulldog had drowned at a Scottsdale pet resort.

Prior to the tragedy, Matthew and Deanna Spott brought their 6-year-old bulldog, Matilda, to the Always Unleashed Pet Resort to have some fun on a hot Saturday, Fox 10 reported.

Before leaving Matilda to the pet spa staff, the couple repeatedly reminded them that Matilda could not swim. The staff told them they have other bulldogs and KNOW bulldogs can’t swim. Two hours later, the couple got a call from the pet resort about how a pool staff looked away for second and when he looked back, poor Matilda was already in the pool, dead.

The sobbing couple told Fox 10 about the incident, and how the dog was an important part of their lives. The couple believed the incident wasn’t accidental but due to the staff’s negligence.

The pet resort owner said that they were looking into the accident.
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