Family of ducks causes car crashes in Canada


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A family of ducks crossing a major highway in Fredericton, Canada caused two separate car crashes involving five cars, nearly more.

Fredericton police said that a car traveling eastbound along the highway stopped in time to allow the ducks to cross, with a second car following suit, but a third car was unable to slow down, crashing into the second car, which collided with the first car.

Moments later, a motorcyclist narrowly avoided an accident when he managed to swerve around the ducks. A vehicle passing the motorcyclist was also forced to swerve around the ducks, but in doing so hit the median and flipped onto its roof. The driver was soon after taken to the hospital with undetermined injuries.

At least two ducks were killed in the accidents, police said, adding that the injuries to the drivers would have been worse if not for the successful deployment of airbags.
Chewbacca teaches TSA to “always let the wookiee win”!

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