Family find furry fox passed out on top of their microwave

After trashing the family's kitchen, the fox decided to catch some ZZZs.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM — A family received quite the shock a few weeks ago when they came downstairs for breakfast to find a furry little fox passed out on top of their microwave.
According to Lad Bible, Kim Fryer's daughter popped down for breakfast around 7 a.m. on December 15.
When she got to the kitchen however, she found it in shambles with a bunch of plants smashed and mud everywhere, and chilling on top of the microwave was Mr. Fox.
As the family has five cats and a dog, the fox most likely got into the house through the cat clap.
The daughter went to grab her mom, who came down and saw the fox was a little out of it, so she called the RSPCA.
Inspector Phil Norman took the little guy to the Putney Animal Hospital in London, where vets looked him over and kept him for monitoring.
Turns out the little fellow was in good health, so after a quick checkup, he was released back into the woods close to where he was found by a hospital staff worker.
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