Fake beggar in Beijing subway gets into heated argument

He has been accused of pretending to be blind or afflicted with mental or physical disabilities.


NSFW    BEIJING — This fake beggar got into a heated argument with security officials on Beijing subway, and was exposed for his fraudulent ways.

This video of a presumed beggar getting into a heated argument with security on Beijing subway went viral in China.

The footage shows the high-tech and supposedly homeless man holding a box with a QR code printed on it, soliciting cyber payments from passersby.

Chinese netizens were flabbergasted by the man's attitude, as he seems to speak very aggressively to a security official, daring him to call the police.

People were quick to realize that the beggar was actually a Line 5 regular, and often faked being blind or afflicted with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Two years ago, a local TV show had already exposed his fraudulent ways and revealed he actually owned two small flats and earned as much as US$1,500 a month.

However, the major scammer sued the television station, and received US$750 in financial compensation for moral injury.

He is now closely escorted by security officials as soon as he enters the subway.
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