Facebook to fact-check images, videos to combat fake news

Facebook plans to increase efforts to reduce fake news on the social media platform.


NSFW    USA — According to the Washington Post, Facebook has announced plans to scan photos, videos, and articles uploaded onto the social media site in order to expand its efforts to combat fake news.

The social media giant also listed a few examples of fake images found on the site such as a photoshopped image of a presidential candidate in Mexico and an out of context image of a girl in Syria.

Facebook says it will be using an algorithm in 17 different countries including the U.S.

Facebook will use reverse image searching as well as analyzing metadata to evaluate if videos or photos have been digitally altered.

Once the algorithm identifies an altered image or video, Facebook will send the flagged posts to outside fact-checkers for further review.

The new feature is equipped with "machine-learning" and was made to help reviewers quickly identify false content.
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