Facebook gathers private data from your DATINGS apps, says security firm

It turns out Facebook collects personal data from apps like Tinder and Grindr to create targeted ads for its users.


NSFW    MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA — Facebook collects data from dating apps, according to a report from German mobile security firm Mobilsicher.

After giving companies access to its users' data, the social network has been caught gathering private information from dating apps like Tinder, OK Cupid, Grindr and more.
Information such as profiles, health-related data and religious preferences are all shared with Facebook.

According to the report, if you use your facebook account to log into an app just once, the social network tracks it and connects it with your account. This information is given to Facebook by app developers who choose to use Facebook's Software Developer Kit.

The social network collects data by assigning every user an Advertising ID which allows Facebook to link third-party apps to a user's Facebook profile. App developers often choose to use the developer kit as it is free and provides data such as how much time a user spends on the app and what they click.

It turns out, Facebook uses the data collected from these apps to create targeted advertising for its users. Data is sent to the social network regardless of whether users are logged into the platform, according to the report.

Facebook does state in its data policy that they use information from third-party apps to create targeted advertisements. However, even some of the app developers thought the information the social media giant received was anonymous, according to Mobilsicher.

In a statement to Mobilsicher, Facebook said if a person chooses to opt out of targeted ads, it will not use the data gathered from these apps to display advertising to them.
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