Facebook found rating its users based on trustworthiness

Facebook said it has developed the ratings system over the past year to prevent the spread of misinformation.


NSFW    USA — Facebook has started giving scores based on trustworthiness of users on the social media site.

According to The Washington Post, Facebook has developed the ratings system over the past year and would be used to assign users a score from zero to one.

Facebook has not disclosed what criteria they use to determine a user's scores, or whether the scores are used in any other way.

Facebook claims the system was created in an effort to combat fake news.

Facebook has given the option to allow users to report or flag problematic content on the site.

However, they have discovered that some people were falsely reporting content just because they didn't agree with it.

A spokeswoman from Facebook told The BBC, they are doing this to ensure the "fight against misinformation is as effective as possible."

Users apparently have no way of knowing what their rating is, at least for now.

Other tech companies such as Uber and Twitter also give their users scores and ratings.

Even the Chinese government has a system in place in which gives its citizens a "social credit" score based on their behavior both online and off.
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