Ex-NASA astronauts pass UFO lie detector test

The so-called lie detection technology just confirms that those telling the stories just believe what the say. Not the actual accounts themselves.


NSFW    ALBANY, OHIO — Four NASA legends have passed lie detection tests examining historical accounts of their encounters with UFOs.

According to British tabloid the Daily Star, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology examined voice recordings of the space men and their UFO encounters.

The "lie detection technology," reported the Daily Star, confirms only that those telling the stories believe what they say is true and not the accounts themselves.

O.G. moonwalker Buzz Aldrin claims to have seen something during the Apollo 11 moon mission. He described it as L-shaped and unidentified, but later explained in a Reddit AMA that he was convinced it was likely a panel from the rocket.

According to the Daily Star, Apollo 15 pilot Al Worden's belief he's seen an alien is no lie.
Last year, he told Good Morning Britain that he believes in aliens, saying he sees one every morning in the mirror. Worden believes humans are aliens from another world.

The Daily Star reports accounts from other NASA icons Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper — both believers in UFOs — also passed the lie detector tests.
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