European Parliament backs law banning single-use plastics

The European Union has passed legislation that would restrict the use of disposable plastics in order to reduce marine plastic pollution.


NSFW    BRUSSELS — The European Parliament is set to implement a plastic ban that would restrict the use of single-use plastic items in the next two years, Reuters reports.

Lawmakers voted last week in favor of banning a total of 10 single-use plastic items including cutlery, straws and balloon sticks.

Disposable containers made out of expanded polystyrene as well as products made out of oxo-degradable plastic will also be banned in order to cut down on marine plastic pollution, according to a European Parliament news release.

According to the European Commission, 80 percent of litter in the ocean was found to be plastic.

By the year 2025, it will be mandatory for plastic bottles in Europe to contain at least 25 percent of recycled content.

The legislation also set a target of collecting and recycling 90 percent of the single-use plastic bottles by 2029.

Companies in Europe will be required to teach users how to correctly dispose of items such as tobacco filters, plastic cups and wet wipes, CNN reports.
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