Europe's first underwater restaurant is almost complete

The world's largest underwater restaurant is all set to open by April 2019.


NSFW    NORWAY — Europe's first underwater restaurant is nearly complete and is set to open by the spring of 2019.

The underwater restaurant is called "Under" and will be located near the southernmost tip of Norway by the village of Baly, according to CNN.

The restaurant is designed by Snøhetta and will be partly submerged into the sea.

"Under" will be able to accomodate about 100 guests who would be able to enjoy a panoramic view of marine life such as fish, seals and lobsters as they dine.

The menu would include local seafood as well as mushrooms, berries along with other ingredients from the surrounding landscape.

Muted interior lighting helps prevent reflections off the glass in the restaurant, which allows visitors fully enjoy the view outside.

"Under" will also double as a research center for marine life to inform the public about the biodiversity of the ocean, according to Snøhetta.

The restaurant has already started accepting reservations starting April of next year.
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