EU Article 13 copyright architect has tweeted copyrighted content

EU German lawmaker's Facebook and Twitter accounts have posted copyrighted content in the past.


NSFW    STRASBOURG — Last week the European Union got one step closer to neutering the Internet.

Article 13 is designed to prevent copyright infringement via automated systems and filters. Critics say it's censorship by other means and that it'll end free speech as we know it.

It's being pushed by German EU lawmaker Axel Voss. The man's official Twitter account has featured some parody in the past.

A series of tweets labelled, "Turn of the eras in the digital age," from May 2015 show three satirical images lamenting the Internet.

In July, BuzzFeed Germany discovered a slew of copyrighted images on his Facebook and Twitter pages. Apparently, the Facebook images were deleted after the website reached out to him for comment.

According to a Google translation of the article, Voss or his staff didn't really tell the site if he had the right to use them.

We've reached out to Mr Voss with some questions.
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