Escalator in Rome metro malfunctions , injuring dozens

Twenty-four people were injured after an escalator suddenly starting speeding downward in a Rome metro station.


NSFW    ROME — Twenty-four people were injured after an escalator in a Rome metro station suddenly malfunctioned, reports The BBC.

Video recordings from bystanders show the escalator suddenly speeding downward while the people on it crashed into the bottom.

Passengers on the parallel escalator are shown trying to pull them to safety while others are seen jumping onto the central reservation between the two escalators to escape.

Many of those injured were fans of the Russian football team CSKA Moscow and were in the city to attend the football match of their favorite team.

Witnesses present say the fans were singing and jumping on the escalator before it suddenly collapsed.

Three people suffered serious injuries with one fan's foot reportedly being partially severed, while some others were trapped between the metal plates of the escalator.

The regional ambulance service was quick to respond with the injured being sent to five different hospitals across the city.

Pictures of the aftermath show the escalator in a tangle of twisted and broken metal.

Investigations are underway to find out what caused the elevator to collapse so dramatically.
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