ESA space junk removal satellite reaches the ISS

The RemoveDebris satellite is going to help clean up our space junk.


NSFW    PARIS — A spacecraft designed to collect space garbage has arrived at the International Space Station.

The RemoveDebris satellite was launched into space on April 2 aboard a SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, according to Tech Times. It was developed by several companies in conjunction with the European Space Agency.
The satellite weighs 100 kilograms and comes equipped with a 30 centimeter long 'harpoon' that can be shot towards space debris in order push it away from functioning satellites.

It also has a net that can be launched towards objects. After wrapping around the debris, the net can be cut loose to burn while reentering the Earth's atmosphere.

After being deployed from the ISS, the satellite will conduct preliminary tests attempting to capture cubesats acting as space junk.
Tests will also be carried out on the spacecraft's ability to use its laser navigation technology to track space fragments that are spinning out of control.

Researchers are expected to start testing the spacecraft within the next few weeks.
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