Englishwoman loves chandeliers so much she's engaged to one

This woman loves lights so much she's getting married to one.


NSFW    LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM — A woman from Britain has a thing for lights, so much so, she got engaged to one.

Amanda Liberty said she popped the question to her favoritest chandelier on Valentine's Day.
"You can't control who you fall in love for and things just went from there," Liberty said in a recent interview.
The 33-year-old first saw the light of her life on eBay last year, and it was love at first light.

Her fiancée Lumiere is a 30-inch-wide antique chandelier from Germany.

Even though she's hitched to Lumiere, Liberty still snuggles up with the rest of her 25 chandeliers on the regular.

Liberty first got into lights after purchasing her first chandelier. No word on if the lights get into her. Either way, the future looks bright for the happy couple.
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