Elk hunter survives grizzly attack thanks to some bear spray

The hunter accidentally surprised the mother grizzly and her cub.


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BOZEMAN, MONTANA — An elk hunter is thanking his — well, his friend's — bear spray after it saved him from a grizzly attack on Saturday in Gallatin National Forest.
Bob Legasa and his hunting partner, Greg Gibson, were moving toward some elk when he heard a growl, according to Legasa's Facebook post.
It was a 2-year-old cub and its mother only about 12 yards away from a tree. After the cub growled, it moved over and that's when the mother charged.
Legasa didn't have time to reach his bear spray. The grizzly bit his hand, breaking a bone in his arm, and clawed at his face.
That's when Gibson rushed over and discharged bear spray into the grizzly's face, which caused her to let go.
Legasa pulled out his own spray, but ended up macing himself instead — doh. Gibson then discharged his spray again, but the wind blew it back into his eyes.
The bears ran off as both men were temporarily blinded by their own sprays.

Funny thing is that three weeks earlier, the duo made a bear spray safety video for Gibson's Montana Guide Service, according to Legasa in an AP phone interview.

After the bear spray wore off a bit, the two made it way back to their truck.
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