Elephants rescue 600 stranded tourists from Nepal floods

Elephants from Chitwan National Park rescued about 600 tourists who were stranded following monsoon floods in Sauraha, Nepal.


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SAURAHA, NEPAL — Four days of heavy rain in Nepal have led to flash floods, landslides and at least 70 people dead.

Reuters reports that around 600 tourists were also left stranded after the Rapti River overflowed south of Kathmandu, and affected numerous restaurants and hotels.

Lucky for them, the pachyderms of Chitwan National Park are on it!

The park's elephants marched alongside tractor trailers on Sunday to rescue some 300 stranded tourists, then went back a second time on Monday, safely transporting the rest of the victims to safety.

Chitwan National Park is home to more than 600 rhinos and elephants, and fared much better than another park in India's Assam State, which was also beset by floods.

Kaziranga National Park has the world's largest population of endangered one-horned rhinos, but the animals had to be moved to higher ground after floods submerged nearly 90% of the park in water.
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