Elephant stranded for hours at sea rescued by Sri Lankan navy

A mammoth rescue operation was launched when an elephant was spotted in the ocean 9 MILES off Sri Lanka’s northeast coast.


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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA — The Sri Lankan Navy got a jumbo-sized surprise last week when a patrol boat spotted an elephant stranded in the ocean an incredible 9 miles from the shore.

A mammoth rescue operation was launched last Tuesday when the elephant was found off Sri Lanka’s northeast coast.

The elephant was likely washed out to sea in a riptide when it was crossing a lagoon that separates two large areas of jungle, the Guardian reported, citing the Sri Lankan navy.

Wildlife officials and two more navy boats were quickly rushed to the area.

A team of divers tied ropes to the elephant and it was dragged gently toward the shore.

It took around 12 hours for the rescue operation to be completed. The elephant was then handed over to wildlife officials for inspection.
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