Elephant charges hunter and tramples him to death

After the elephants spotted the hunters, one of them stormed toward the unsuspecting group and offered no mercy in a relentless trampling attack on big game trophy hunter Jose Monzalvez.


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NAMIBIA — An Argentinian man's hunting days are now over, after he went after a group of elephants who were able to strike first.

On August 12, Jose Monzalvez, 46, along with another man from Argentina and three Namibian men, were out tracking a herd of elephants at a private wildlife area. According to the Namibia Press Agency, the men were reportedly looking for a prime spot to target the elephants from, when the elephants caught sight of them, one of the animals went rogue and charged toward them. Caught off guard, the men weren't able to get their weapons ready in time, resulting in Mr. Monzalvez being trampled and crushed.

According to the Journal Du Cameroun, the men in the group were known to be professional big game hunters, and did have the correct permits.
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