Electron rocket attempts second test launch from New Zealand

Rocket Labs' electron rocket is set to go on its second launch attempt from New Zealand.


NSFW    MAHIA PENINSULA, NEW ZEALAND — The Electron rocket launch from New Zealand had to be postponed after weather conditions and orbital traffic proved less than ideal.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the electron rocket known as 'Still Testing' is currently at a launch site in New Zealand. It's 17 meters long and can carry a 150-kilogram payload into orbit.

The rocket will be launched into space from the Mahia Peninsula, with the first stage scheduled to separate and fall into the Pacific two and a half minutes into the flight.

Three shoebox-sized satellites will then be released at 8 minutes, 31 seconds.
The single Dove Pioneer CubeSat is an Earth-imaging satellite, while the two Lemur-2 satellites are used for weather mapping and ship traffic tracking.

Rocket Labs successfully launched its first Electron rocket in May 2017, though it failed to reach orbit.

The company originally planned three test flights, and will run a third test launch if needed.
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