Elan Gale Thanksgiving Twitter Troll: Diane in 7A is fake!


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Mr. Elan Gale fooled you all! He got you to watch the Bachelor, and that show is unwatchable! Fools! Oh, also his Thanksgiving war of passive aggression with Diane in 7A has been exposed, by Elan, as a hoax. Weak!

It all started on Thanksgiving eve when Elan began tweeting from his seat in the plane about an unbearable cow in 7A who thought she was the only person in America trying to get home to see her family that night. The disgruntled passenger, only known as ‘Diane in seat 7A’ was not too happy about the delay the Phoenix bound jet was experiencing on Thanksgiving morning. She belly-ached to the flight attendants about how she “wanted to spend her holiday with family, not some people she barely knew’.

In his fictional altercation, Gale decided to stand up for passengers who are tired of self-entitled people everywhere by taking to Twitter and delivering a play-by-play account of the antics aboard the flight, including his offering of two rounds of drinks (and their subsequent refusal) along with the handwritten notes they passed each other. Using the in-flight wi-fi to beam his tweets back to his followers, Gale’s fans egged him on throughout the exchange.

Now, they have egg on their faces and Mr. Gale is 170,000 Twitter followers more popular.
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