Eighth planet discovered orbiting around distant star Kepler-90

NASA announced that an artificial intelligence algorithm uncovered a new planet in the Kepler-90 star system.


NSFW    SPACE — An AI algorithm sifted through data from the Kepler space telescope and uncovered an eighth planet in the Kepler-90 star system.

Google AI has discovered another planet orbiting Kepler-90, making it the first star known to support as many worlds as our sun, according to NASA.

Though Kepler-90 is sunlike and its system is similar to ours, all eight planets' orbits are closer to their star than the earth is to the sun.

The new planet, dubbed Kepler-90i, is 30% larger than Earth, and completes an orbit around its sun every 14.4 days.

But with a rocky landscape and a surface temperature of over 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the planet is likely not habitable.

Astronomers say it's possible that more planets are lurking around Kepler-90. They are planning to use the Google AI to analyze more data to hopefully uncover more exoplanets both in Kepler-90 system and beyond.
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