Ebola risk: Man without hazmat suits helps patient onto CDC plane: ‘Clipboard Man' enrages Twitter

The mystery man’s cavalier attitude to one of the deadliest diseases known to humankind has enraged Twitter users.


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Healthcare workers in the United States are gripped by fear of "one of the most virulent viral diseases known to humankind,” as the the World Health Organization describes Ebola, and state governments and hospitals are struggling to contain its spread.

Yet, one man dressed in office clothes cares not, as seen on this video taken at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, where he is overseeing the the transfer of an Ebola-stricken nurse onto a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Gulfstream jet ahead of her flight to Atlanta where she will be monitored and cared for.

The nurse, Amber Vinson, is the second U.S. health worker to have contracted the killer disease since it arrived via Liberian man Thomas Eric Duncan. Both nurses cared for Duncan.

In footage captured by MSNBC, the man is wearing a blue shirt, black slacks and reflective sunglasses. At various moments he is seen interacting with health workers and Vinson — all covered head-to-toe in hazmat suits — receiving a container from one of the workers and holding open a large orange garbage bag for workers to drop items into.

American Medical Response, which transferred Vinson from Texas Health Presbyterian hospital to the airport, said the man doesn’t work for them and was likely a member of the CDC flight crew.
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