Eagles bro slams into a subway pole like a true Philly fan

Eagles fanatic Jigar Desai tried to rally up fans, but got up close and personal with a concrete pole instead.


NSFW    PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — Philly fans are excited. Just ask this subway pole. An amped up Philly bro was attempting to get Eagles fans pumped before the big game.

Eagles fanatic Jigar Desai[c] was waiting for a train to catch the NFC Championship against the Minnesota Vikings.

Desai noticed a bunch of Eagles fans in another subway train, so he decided to Philly bro them up.

Jigar decided to run next to the train while playing cheerleader, but unfortunately, the subway pole had other plans for Jigar-Jigar.

Philly's finest also got some actual facetime with the train. Desai took some time, but he eventually got up.

Luckily for Desai he was able to make it to the game to watch the Eagles destroy the Vikings.
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