Dying cockroach leaves egg in Florida man's ear

A Florida man rushed to the hospital after he felt a creepy cockroach crawling around inside his ear.


NSFW    TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — A Florida man lived out everyone's worst nightmare after a creepy crawly burrowed into his ear and left a nasty surprise.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that Blake Collins and husband Samuel McGee had been battling a serious roach infestation in their Tallahassee apartment for over three years.

The couple says dozens of German cockroaches would often pour out of light bulb sockets, crawling all over the bed and pretty much any surface in the house. Last week though, things took a turn for the really gross.

Collins woke up horrified at 5 a.m. one morning to a roach in his ear. The pest had crawled right into his ear canal, and was burrowing deeper inside.

He panicked and rushed to the hospital, where a doctor used a syringe and the numbing agent lidocaine to kill the intruder.

But the now-dead roach still had one surprise left: it had laid an ootheca in the 25-year-old's ear. Had doctors not pulled it out, a whopping 40 baby roaches would have burst from the one egg. Gross!

Collins was later discharged from the hospital. He and McGee were let out of their lease and are now moving into a new, hopefully not roach-infested home.
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