Dutch company wants to use drones as wind turbines

Last year wind energy generated 11.6 percent of Europe's electricity. The EU is aiming to have renewables power a quarter of the bloc's energy consumption by 2030.


NSFW    THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS — A Netherlands-based company has conceptualized a wind farm where high-altitude drones gather the energy.

Traditional wind turbines gather most wind energy at the tip of their blades. Dutch firm Ampyx Power instead use a drone tethered to an offshore platform to gather wind energy at higher altitudes.

According to reNEWS, the concept-Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) system is deployed on floating platforms. From there, the drone would fly to an altitude of 500 meters, where it creates electricity from high-altitude winds.

Ampyx Power says the Energy Center for Research of the Netherlands calculated a virtual AWE wind farm operating near the east coast of Scotland to cost 137 Euros per megawatt hour. The company says this is cost competitive against other floating applications.
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