Dunkin' Donuts fires workers who doused homeless man with water

Two Dunkin' donuts employees have been sacked following a viral video of them cruelly dumping water on a homeless man.


NSFW    SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — Karma has finally come to two Dunkin' Donuts employees who were caught on camera being extra cruel to a homeless man.

Syracuse.com reports that the incident happened at a Dunkin' outlet in Syracuse, New York on Sunday night.

Jeremy Dufresne had come in to charge his phone and says he put his head down for just a minute when a worker later identified as Shakeen Robbins suddenly dumped a pitcher of cold water on him.

Another employee who had been filming the whole thing can be heard laughing as Dufresne hurriedly stands up and grabs his phone.

On camera, Robbins tells the man to stop sleeping in the store and to get out, as the clip ends with more laughing from the other staff member.

Dufresne is schizophrenic and says he lives outside because he prefers it. He hadn't bothered anyone at the store, and claims the other workers there have been nice to him.

The now-viral video has earned the ire of netizens and the local community, who staged a small protest outside the store on Monday. A GoFundMe page set up to help Dufresne and his family has now raised over $21,000 — way more than its initial $150 goal.

Dunkin' Donuts has since fired the two employees involved in the incident, and say they'll be contacting Dufresne to apologize.

Robbins has also come out publicly to say he regrets his actions and wants to make amends.
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