Dude gets KO-ed by a single punch at Kentucky Derby

A fight between two men dressed in fancy clothes ended in one of them dealing a punch that knocks out his opponent.


NSFW    LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — Droves of people descended on Louisville on Saturday, busting out the crazy outfits and big hats for the 143rd annual Kentucky Derby.

The horses were the main event, but they weren’t the only animals battling it out that day.

While most of the derby-goers were preoccupied with mint juleps and horse-betting these two dude bros were busy trash-talking each other. A video posted on the Hollywood Unlocked Instagram account shows that unlike their clothes, the hotheaded pair was anything but rosy as they squared off about, well … no one really knows.

In the video, the man in the pink pants and suspenders is seen pointing his finger in the face of a stocky man in a pink dress shirt. Pissed, pink shirt suddenly sucker-punches his opponent in the face.

Poor dude was swiftly knocked down, but it seemed he must have offended more than just one man, because a spectator in a blue dress shirt suddenly jumps out and starts screaming at him. He hurls insults and even deals a punch or two before he is restrained by two women.
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