Dude bites chunk off man's ear after hot tub fight

A man was arrested in Salt Lake City after he bit another man's ear off after a hot tub argument.


NSFW    SALT LAKE CITY — A dip in the hot tub on the first day of the new year went south fast after one dude pulled a Mike Tyson and chomped another guy's ear off.

According to KUTV, court records indicate that the incident happened during a family party in Salt Lake City. Brian David Boyack and some other adults were chatting in the hot tub when he and a banker got into a heated argument over big corporations and conspiracy theorists. The banker ended up locking Boyack out of the house.

The 43-year-old picked up patio furniture and began hitting the front house windows, prompting the banker to come out and tell him to stop.

Boyack came at the man and pinned him to the ground. He reportedly bit a chunk off the poor dude's left ear before fleeing in his truck.

The largely earless man ended up at a hospital, where he told police what happened. Officers searched for Boyack, who later turned himself in.

Fox News reports that the Tyson fan is facing charges for mayhem, domestic violence in the presence of a child, criminal mischief, and intoxication.

ABC4 reports that according to the victim, doctors wouldn't be able to reattach the part of his ear that got bit off, which means he'll need reconstruction surgery later.
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