Drunk man climbs up a telephone pole then hangs upside down

The man was apparently climbing the phone tower while under the influence of alcohol.


NSFW    HENAN, CHINA — A man in China man drank so much that he decided it was a great idea to climb up a telephone tower, according to Ladbible.

Spectators spotted the man trying to drunkenly climb the pole for six hours in Henan province in China.

The man eventually passed out and was seen hanging upside down off the 100 foot telephone pole.

The police and the fire authorities were called on to help save the drunk man.

Authorities struggled to reach the guy as they were trapped under a low gate and workers had to help dig up the road to allow the rescue trucks to go through.

The authorities then tried to get the guy to climb down the pole and even set up inflatable cushions for him.

They eventually reached the man on the pole and rescued him. The man was then taken to the hospital. He is not believed to have suffered from any serious injuries.
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