Drone drops contraband at Ohio county jail

Surveillance video at an Ohio jail captured the moment a drone dropped off a package to inmates in an outdoor recreation area.


NSFW    EUCLID, OHIO — Cuyahoga County authorities released a video on Monday showing inmates at the Euclid Jail getting a special drone delivery.

In the video, several inmates can be seen sitting around and playing cornhole at an outdoor recreation area, when they spot a drone flying overhead, out of the camera's view.

One inmate saunters to the middle of the rec area holding an orange jail shirt, which he readies to use as a catcher while he follows the drone.

When the drone drops its load, he lunges to catch it...and misses. A black pouch clatters to the ground, and clumsy-pants quickly drops the shirt over it, before picking it up. He then casually walks away like he didn't just get busted by the surveillance cams.

According to authorities, the contraband pouch contained a cell phone and buddha.

News 5 Cleveland reports that the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office launched an investigation following the incident.
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