Drivers form human chain to save man from SUV amid hurricane flood

A viral video shows people in Houston forming a human chain to pull a man from the floodwaters during Hurricane Harvey.


NSFW    HOUSTON — People made a human chain to rescue a man after he was trapped in rising floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey.

Viral video of the heroic rescue was captured by Maritza Castillo. It shows people instinctively forming a human chain to save an elderly man from his SUV before it was washed away, CNN reported.

In the footage, the interstate is totally flooded as the good samaritans link arms to reach the man.

After reaching the vehicle, they work on getting the door open. They successfully get the man out of the truck and the rising floodwaters.

The man was then taken to the hospital where he was reunited his son, according to CNN.

The US coast guard said on Wednesday it had saved more than 940 people from floodwaters around Houston. That brings the total rescued by all agencies to 4,500 — oh yeah, and 113 pets were saved too.
Why Houston's floods got so bad during Hurricane Harvey

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