Driver hits cyclist; man flies through windshield


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A Wisconsin newspaper delivery man is alive after being hit while riding his tricycle, getting launched through the windshield, then crashing into another vehicle while still stuck in the glass, only to be locked in the car by its drunk driver on Saturday night in Manitowoc.

Steven Gove, 56, had just finished his delivery route and was heading home for some pea soup. He was wearing a blue coat and a reflective vest when he approached the corner of South 16th and Marshall in the residential area.

A 20-year-old man behind the wheel of a red, two-door sedan, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, didn’t see Gove and crashed into him. The force of the impact sent Gove flying into the air and straight through the windshield of the car that hit him.

Gove said he looked up and said, ‘Hello! How do you do? I’m the guy you hit on the bicycle.’ However, the young man didn’t react. He continued east on Marshall for two blocks before swerving into an oncoming car and causing a second collision that evening. He didn’t stop then, either.

The unnamed man kept driving until he got to his home about a block from the second crash. Gove said the driver was shocked to then discover he had the top half of a man inside his car, then made the unexplained decision to lock him inside. Gove pulled himself through the windshield and got out of the car and made it about a block on foot before the police found him and got him medical assistance.

The driver suffered a laceration on one hand and Gove only suffered a few scratches. Gove said he doesn’t hold a grudge against the young man who hit him and hopes he sorts himself out for his long future ahead.
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