Dozens of roller coaster passengers stranded upside down

The incident did not discourage other thrill-seekers as many have lined up for the Jurassic Park-inspired roller coaster ride after it has resumed operation.


NSFW    OSAKA, JAPAN — More than 60 passengers were left hanging in the air for up to two hours after a roller coaster made an emergency stop Tuesday at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.

According to the theme park, the Jurassic Park-inspired roller coaster was launched in March 2016 over a 1,120-meter course, with the highest point being 37 meters above the ground.

Japan's Asahi Shimbun reported that, the Flying Dinosaur roller coaster's two carriages stalled midway through the 1,100-meter ride, with 64 passengers stranded upside down about 30m above the ground.

A safety mechanism was activated after detecting some abnormality, halting the operation of the roller coaster.

Park staff guided the passengers one by one down an emergency passage; however, it took about two hours for the last passenger to be rescued.

Universal Studio Japan has apologised for the incident and said the suspension was the result of the operator's priority on safety.

Universal Studio Japan was crowded with visitors due to Japan's Golden Week holidays starting from late April to Sunday.

Some visitors told the media about their concerns. A mother said it's scary to think if her family and her boarded the ride. Another woman who rode the ride right before the incident said the ride itself is pretty scary, so she wants park staff to operate it safely.

Apparently the incident did not discourage other thrill-seekers as many have lined up to ride the roller coaster as soon as operations resumed.
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