Donkey and emu couple waiting for their forever home together

The unlikely lovers cannot be separated and are now living in a rescue shelter in North Carolina.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

VANCE, NORTH CAROLINA — An emu and a donkey fall in love after being abandoned at a farm in North Carolina.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the interspecies couple came together on a farm in Kershaw, South Carolina where they and other animals were abandoned after the owner mysteriously vanished.

Rescuers from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said that the two seemed to have really bonded during their time at the farm, so much so that when they were brought to the shelter, separating them became an issue.

Jack and Diane — names picked out by the followers of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue's fan page — did not take well to the split. Jack, the donkey, wailed and cried in despair while Diane, the emu, frantically paced around her enclosure. The separation even became violent when Jack began attacking other donkeys in his enclosure.
Rescuers quickly resolved that it was best to keep the loving couple together as they appeared to only be at peace if they shared their living space. Once they were back together, Jack and Diane resumed their romance and, according to a rescuer at the shelter, even "sleep and cuddle together."

The two are now Facebook celebrities with hundreds of fans lining up to give them a forever home. Let's hope they don't get separated again!
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