Don't tell Trump the U.S. doesn't actually have a 'nuclear button'

Does the most powerful man in the world actually understand how nuclear weapons work?


NSFW    WASHINGTON — In the event the U.S. were to launch a nuclear attack, the president does not hit a "nuclear button."
Instead, a mid-level military officer usually travels with the president at all times, who carries the "Presidential Emergency Satchel" also called the "The Football," Popular Mechanics reports.
Inside the satchel is a black book with a list of strike options, a three-by-five-inch card with presidential authentication codes to confirm his or her identity; a list of secure presidential bunkers and instructions for using the Emergency Broadcast System.
In the event the president chooses the nuclear option, he consults with his advisers on what contingency plans to activate from the black book.
Next, the president's identity is confirmed to strategic nuclear forces by reading a code off the three-by-five-inch card, known as "The Biscuit."
The president's orders are then passed down the chain of command to U.S. bomber, missile and submarine crews around the world.
The system is made to be fast, but also has some measures in place to mitigate impulsiveness.
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