Domino's wants to open more than 800 shops in Italy

Maybe Taco Bell should expand to Mexico.


NSFW    ITALY — Pizza giant Domino's is clearly overestimating the world's love for crappy American pizza with its latest announcement that it will open 880 locations in Italy.
That's right folks. According to the New York Daily News, Domino's for some reason thinks that it can get a piece of the pie in the land where actual pizza was invented.
According to the CEO of Domino's Italy Alessandro Lazzaroni, the new stores would join the 16,000 other locations the pizza juggernaut has in 85 other countries.
Lazzaroni said the new locations would center on north and central Italy and focus on home delivery as their selling point.

Domino's for some reason actually thinks it can become the biggest food delivery outlet in the country.

Domino's apparently already has 29 stores in Italy, mostly around Rome, Milan and Turin.
The announcement sparked hilarious reactions online with some making comparing the move to "selling ice to Eskimos" or "bringing sand to the beach."
Perhaps Taco Bell should think about a move to Mexico? Or maybe Panda Express should think about a hard China push?
Don't listen to the haters Domino's. You guys will crush it in Italy. With pizza products like hot dog stuffed crust, how could you possibly go wrong?
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