Domino's to use self-driving vehicles for pizza delivery

Domino's is all set to test out its driverless vehicles in Houston.


NSFW    HOUSTON — Domino's is teaming up with Nuro, a robotics company, to use automated vehicles to make pizza deliveries in Houston, Texas starting later this year.

According to a press release by Domino's, the unmanned car is called R2. It will be used to make deliveries to a selected number of customers who place their orders online.

Customers would be able to track the driverless vehicle on Domino's app. Once the pizza is delivered, customers would be able to unlock the self-driving pizza delivery pod via a PIN code provided by the company.

This isn't the first time Domino been testing out autonomous vehicle technology.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the company had previously tested out self-driving cars, drones and even rovers in an effort to make automated pizza delivery a reality.
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