Dogs swipe mail carrier's lunch, become celebrities

These two labradors' mischievous prank earned them instant internet fame.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

SMITHFIELD, VIRGINIA — The hilarious story of two labradors swiping their mail carrier's lunch went absolutely viral.

Last month, two 6-year-old labrador brothers went for a mischievous prank. Their owner Carol Jordan found a handwritten note left by the mail carrier in her mailbox.

It stated the dogs crawled in the mail carrier's car and ate the lunch the was left there. Far from being angry, Jordan was mainly concerned for the labradors wellbeing.

No signs were left from the hungry pair's loot, except two small carrots in the grass.

To make up for her boys' thievery, Jordan left an apology note at the post office, along with a Subway gift card.

Jordan posted everything on Facebook, and the story went absolutely viral, with thousands and thousands of shares and likes from around the world.

She even created a dedicated Facebook page for the two internet celebrities!
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