Dog survives wildfire, guards burned down home for a month

A loyal dog has been reunited with his owner a month after guarding the burned down ruins of his home.


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PARADISE, CALIFORNIA — A loyal dog that survived the deadly wildfire in northern California protected the ruins of his home for a month until his owner returned.

The Associated Press reports that after the massive Camp Fire broke out on November 8, Andrea Gaylord was forced to leave her Paradise home without her dogs Madison and Miguel.

Believing her fur babies survived the catastrophic blaze, she connected with animal rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan to help check if they were alright.

Sullivan spotted Madison at Gaylord's burned down property. But since the Anatolian Shepherd mix was apprehensive and kept his distance, she supplied him with food and water instead. She also helped get back Madison's brother Miguel from a shelter in Citrus Heights, some 85 miles away.

Once the evacuation order was lifted nearly a month later, Gaylord and Miguel finally got to go back and reunite with Madison.

The family may have lost their home in the fire, but at least now they're all back together.

Sullivan has also helped set up a GoFundMe page to help get them back on their feet.
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