Dog survives getting hit and stuck in car bumper

The young Shiba Inu has a shattered elbow, but otherwise will live to bark another day.


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ROTTERDAM, NEW YORK — A Shiba Inu named Coco will live to bark another day after getting hit by a car in Albany and wedged into its grill, then traveling all the way to Rotterdam.
According to The Daily Gazette, police say Coco was hit on North Manning Boulevard right before noon on Monday.
Rotterdam police Lt. Jeffrey Collins said the driver realized that she had hit something thinking it was a ball or an animal.
She pulled the car over to have a quick look, noticed some damage to the front bumper, but not the dog sticking out of the bumper.
The driver then started to head for the body shop. Police say she was driving for about an hour when she started to hear loud noises coming from the front end.
She stopped again, but this time when she went to check, she noticed Coco sticking out the front of the grill by the license plate.
The woman called then called police, who notified an animal control officer who took the dog to the vet for treatment.
The police were also able to locate Coco's owner.
Coco suffered a broken elbow, which will most likely require a couple of surgeries before she's BARK to a hundred percent. Despite her RUFF ordeal, Coco is doing well.
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