Dog survives being snatched by hungry eagle

A brave little pup who was snatched away by a hungry eagle has miraculously survived the encounter.


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LEHIGH VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA — A brave dog is lucky to be alive after being snatched by a bird out looking for its next meal.

WFMZ reports that little Zoey had been playing in the backyard one snowy day, when she was spotted by an American bald eagle.

Immediately, the hungry predator swooped down and snatched the 8-pound bichon frise with its talons. Her owner's brother, who had been looking after her and the other dogs, was sent into a panic.

Zoey's owners searched all over the area.for her, but weren't successful.

Thinking their pet dead, the family put out a post on Facebook, asking for help to at least locate the pup's body so they could bury it.

Zoey though, miraculously survived and was found some 4 miles away. Her rescuer nursed her back to health and later located her owners via the public post.

Zoey has since been happily reunited with her family, though it may take a while before she ventures outside again.
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