Dog snatched by mountain lion from sleeping owner's bedroom

A mountain lion quietly snatched a family dog from her sleeping owner’s bedroom early Monday morning.


NSFW    PESCADERO, CALIFORNIA — Officials in San Mateo County, California are advising local residents to be wary of mountain lions after one of the big cats ran off with a small family dog.

According to local media KTVU, Pescadero homeowner Victoria Fought said the incident occurred early Monday morning as she slept with her daughter Catalina and their dog, Lenora, a 15-pound Portuguese Podengo ex-rescue dog.

Fought had left her French doors slightly ajar to let in some fresh air. The mountain lion walked in around 3 a.m., and Fought woke up as Lenora barked aggressively. She saw the shadow of an animal enter the room and take Lenora from the bed.

Fought’s daughter said she knew something was not right as Lenora let out a bark she had never heard before, but she kept her eyes closed.

Police and California Fish and Wildlife officials confirmed that paw prints near the Fought’s house were those of a mountain lion. Blood stains from Lenora were found on the doorstep.
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