Dog saves missing baby girl by barking to alert the authorities

A dog stayed with a missing baby girl and helped alert authorities by barking.


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MISSOURI — A dog led a search team to a 3-year-old girl's rescue with a "weak bark," reports ABC News.

Remy Merritt, the 3-year-old girl, had gone missing on Thursday around 8:30 p.m. with her dog, Fat Heath.

A rescue team consisting of 150 volunteers were frantically looking for the pair that went missing Thursday night, reports WTOP.

The search team wasn't able to find them during the night so they continued at dawn, where "everyone in the small farm town chipped in ..."

The rescue team used a grid search through the cornfield "filled with 5-foot high stalks."

One of the canines from the rescue team barked, which is when they heard Fat Heath respond with a "weak bark," WTOP reports.

The search party swiftly followed the sound of the bark and found Merritt and the dog together.

The two were reportedly in "good shape" and had "only been bitten by mosquitoes" and were "a little thirsty."
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