Dog rescues best friend from getting sucked down ‘raging river'

The black labrador retriever came careening down the rocks as the relentless rapids forced him downstream. But just when he looked to be a goner, the yellow labrador jumped into action, grabbing the stick in the black lab’s mouth, and using every last bit of his jaw strength to pull his buddy back to safety.


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CORDOBA, ARGENTINA — In a now-viral video uploaded on January 17, a game of fetch between two dogs gets out of hand, and looks like it could end badly. However, as the old saying goes, looks can be deceiving.

Two labrador retrievers, a yellow and a black one, were playing fetch with their owner by what appears to be some dangerous river rapids. When the stick got thrown a bit too far, the black lab bounded ahead, as the yellow lab hung back.

As he tried to gather himself, the black lab slipped, careening down the rocks with the relentless rapids threatening to sweep him away to death. Apparently realizing his buddy was in serious danger, the yellow lab jumped into action, grabbing the stick and using every last bit of jaw strength to pull his buddy back in.

Holding onto that stick for dear life, the yellow lab manages to yank his friend back onto the rocks to safety. The video is titled “Amazing dog saves another dog,” yet in the video’s description, the owner mentions neither of the dogs were injured, and they actually happen to know that part of the river very well and play there often.
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