Dog rescued after falling from second floor apartment balcony

A little dog was caught on video falling from a second floor apartment balcony, however, a group of good Samaritans came just in time to rescue the terrified pooch.


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TAMPA, FLORIDA — A recent Facebook video shows the nail-biting moment of a little dog falling from a Florida apartment balcony, thankfully a group of good Samaritans was there to catch it just in time.

WPTV reported the account as witnessed by Frank Ellison, who said the whole thing went down at Trio Encore Apartments in Tampa on Sunday where a terrified pooch was dangling helplessly with its hind legs stuck on a second-story balcony.

Knowing he needed to do something about this, Ellison immediately called his grandma, the neighbors, and the police for help. Two Tampa officers later joined Ellison and others to hold up a bed sheet in anticipation of the pup's eventual fall.

After waited for about 40 minutes or so before the terrified animal finally took a leap of faith and safely landed on the sheet.

A neighbor later took the dog to a clinic to be checked out, and it seemed the dog would be all right, although it is unknown how the pooch found itself in such a precarious position to begin with. ABC Action News said they tried to reach the dog's owner at the apartment, but no one answered.

Ellison's grandmother, Terlisa Perry, posted the entire act of heroism online, and said that she's thankful God placed her grandson and others in the right place at the right time to rescue the pooch.
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